From Mountain Interval to You:

To all listeners,

We are forever grateful to those of you that have supported us and genuinely loved what we’ve done. Unfortunately, our time as a band has come to a close. We’ve put a lot of work in the songs we’ve written over the course of the last year and feel that they reflect the spirit of the band at it’s finest. However we have lost sight of what this band has always been about, which is music that reflects personal experience and the confusing struggle to comprehend and maintain individuality. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that, but we’ve always written to those of you sitting in your rooms with headphones on trying to find answers to a difficult questions.

In reverence to all of you that fit that description we’re going to be going into the studio in March to record all our unrecorded material and release it as a pay-what-you-want digital download. We’re canceling the shows we currently have to focus on recording. Something permanent for everyone, rather than something impermanent for only a few of you. For anyone who was planning to see us, we apologize; a final show is still a possibility. As always we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and wish you all the best. You’ll be hearing from us in the spring.

All our love,
Mountain Interval


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Aw, Spring Thaw

Some news for you?

The digital download of Nocnitsa on bandcamp is now “name your own price”, so go ahead and name it! Also physical copies of the ep on our bandcamp as well as at shows will cost 5$ dollars from now on.

Did you just say something about shows? That’s funny that you should mention that because we’ve got a few coming up, one of which is tomorrow night (Friday) with Orange Television at the Inferno in Brattleboro, VT. Orange Television are all super cool people and their music is even cooler so all you 21+ brattlebros be sure to make an appearance.

We’re also playing at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA on April 21st with Free Energy + The Fantasies, two newer garage rock bands that give no fucks, so you’ll probably want check out some more information right here.

We’re currently selling tickets for the ‘Horse show, and we can sell them to you for 12$ as opposed to the 14$ (the price at the door), so if you’d be interested in that send us an e-mail ( with your name and number and we’ll work something out. Keep in mind the tickets won’t really be available in the evening on the day of the actual show.

In addition to that which exists in your computer, there’s fly new music we’ve been slaving over, a bunch of shows that are in the works, plus there’s talk of t-shirts in the near future and (maybe) a free single in the less-near future, so keep an eye out, my friend! As always it’s been a pleasure.

All our love,

p.s. A haiku:

Some subtle spring comes
Sudden leaves look left and right
Bird shit, everywhere

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Post-Release Post

Thank you to everyone who helped make last night so successful. Big thanks to Big Nils, Whirl, Pachangacha, and Fat History Month. You guys were all awesome. Thanks again to Naomi Nye for singing with us – it couldn’t have been a better experience.

Special thanks to Emily Lupinacci and the Zarcone family for helping us out last night and for those of you who got there early and stayed late to help us with equipment and heavy lifting.

Thanks a lot for reading and listening, it means the world to us.


P.S. For those of you who couldn’t be there the EP is available for download and order on our Bandcamp. All the songs are streaming as well!

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Band Pix

Today we had a photo shoot with Evan Tetreault, a freshman photo/sound design major at Emerson College. We hit it off with Evan over some lazy susan-shaved meat Gyros and pleasant exchanges about 20th century immigration. Despite our frozen noses and the dooms-day metal band that haunts the halls of the practice space from time to time, the shoot was really natural and may have been the dawn of a few gems.

We should have photos up by the end of the week and if you’re interested in Evan’s other work take a look Here. Check out the pictures currently posted, taken by our good friend Justin Hahn.

On another note, only 2 weeks until March 5th, Nocnitsa’s due date!

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02/21/2011 · 2:00 am

Nocnitsa Release Show Poster

This is an advertisement for the Mountain Interval College for Clandestine Operatives. This school specializes in the doctorate program for aspiring Nocnitsas. During this six year intensive training, after undergoing grueling course work and at least two internships in the field, the graduate will find that an MICCO degree will  open limitless doors of possibility. The graduate will begin a lifetime career of practical haunting, fully capable of sitting on the chests of any living human.

Not really. This is a flier for our much anticipated release show. Feel free to download it and then print it out/post it all over the internet.


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02/19/2011 · 10:46 pm

“Who Will Land This Plane?” music video now online

We shot a music video last month with close friend and companion Cody Ball. This is for our song “Who Will Land This Plane?” from the soon to be released Nocnitsa EP.


Release show scheduled for March 5, at the Florence American Legion (More details in the shows page)


02/16/2011 · 12:59 am

The future is told

Nocnitsa is getting ready to be served but we want to give you all a little appetizer. Check it out.

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